Sierra San Ramon Cordada Guaren

Mai 23

Eintrag #12

Publiziert am 17:44
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Eduardo Alvear Rivera
  • Name:
  • Höhe: 2750 m
  • Breitengrad: 33° 2532South
  • Längengrad: 70° 2617West


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    2012-05-24 08:26:51 Camila says: Excelente reporte, preciso!
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    2012-05-24 03:30:09 veronica says: anonimo que mala onda
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    2012-05-23 22:59:13 Cristopher karlos says: quien es charles! dime altiro!!
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    2012-05-23 22:58:36 Charles says: Estuvo rica la siesta!!? ya se con qien soñaste! ehhh cnmigo!! wiii!!!
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    2012-05-23 22:55:56 ehhh nose says: Estamos trabajando en eso!
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    2012-05-23 22:55:15 Yo says: Que hora es alla??
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    2012-05-23 22:54:55 Nadie says: Te amo mi princesita!
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    2012-05-23 18:05:48 nicolas villanueva says: trabaja en eso nomas colora !
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